nbo basics

Journalist and writer

Nanotechnology, synthetic biology (more on my page: nano.bitfaction.com);
climate change, cleantech; AI, robotics, IT; personal Ffabrication/rapid prototyping;
philosophy of technology; privacy, surveillance; urbanism.

Media I'm working for (selection):
Zeit Wissen, Technology Review, Der Freitag, Stern, Die Zeit, taz, Le Monde Diplomatique

Book publications (selection):
– "Nanotechnology Risks and Safety Issues", in: J. Lambauer, U. Fahl, A. Voß (Ed.), "Nanotechnology and Energy: Science, Promises and its Limits", Pan Stanford Publishing 2012
– about technology from an anarchist viewpoint: "Rip, Mix & Fabricate", in: Ilija Trojanow (Ed.), "Anarchistische Welten", Edition Nautilus 2012 (in German)
– about the need for an open nanotechnology: "Die Notwendigkeit einer offenen Nanotechnik", in A. Nordmann, J. Schummer, A. Schwarz (Ed.), "Nanotechnologien im Kontext. Philosophische, ethische und gesellschaftliche Perspektiven", Akademische Verlagsgesellschaft, Berlin, June 2006 (in German)
– a general introduction to nanotechnology: "Alles Nano?! Die Technik des 21. Jahrhunderts", Rowohlt Taschenbuch Verlag, Hamburg, February 2006 (in German)

Lectures sSelection):
– about Personal Fabrication, Open Hardware, Fab Labs and new forms of production
(u.a. for DASA, International Summer Academy Salzburg, Z-Punkt)
– about Nanotechnology, nanotech risks and the public nanotech debate
(u.a. for the German NanoKommission, DASA, Hessen Agentur)
– about the philosophy of technology
(u.a. for Ev. Akademie Villigst, Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung)

Fachlicher Hintergrund:
Physicist, graduated at TU Berlin (Dipl.-Phys.; focus subjects: astrophysics and science theory).